Tennis Terms

These rules do not decrease the general rules.

  1. Entering the tennis courts is only allowed in sports attire and shoes.
  2. The players will maintain the nets and the courts intact, and the courts clean.
  3. On rainy days, or when the courts are wet - it is forbidden to play.
  4. It is forbidden to enter with food and beverages (apart from water0 to the courts.
  5. The activity time in the tennis court is 60 minutes for individuals or couples. You can continue your game only if the court was not ordered by other players.
  6. The last hour every day is 50 minutes long.
  7. A player loses his privilege to the court booked by him if he plays during the hour before or during part of the hour.
  8. Being 15 minutes late, eliminates the privilege to use the court and players waiting in it can play there until the hour of booking is up.
  9. A player who books a court must be present on time. If he doesn’t show up, he is not entitled to transfer the court to anyone else, and players who wait there can play until the hour of booking is up.
  10. Player who booked a court and didn’t show up on time, the center can cancel his court booking privileges.
  11. Courts 2+3 on Friday / holiday eves from 12:00 and Saturday / holiday until 12:00 have a preference for couples only, if the courts are free, singles can play there.
  12. Practicing on the wall in court no. 5 is only possible if the court is free.
  13. Tennis lessons in the recreation center are only given by the coach hired by the center.
  14. If there are differences of opinion between players, the recreation center will serve as referee and its decision shall oblige both parties