Registration Terms

  • Registration fees must be paid at the office.
  • 3% discount for cash payments.
  • Year-long memberships may be paid in ten installments, winter memberships in five installments.
  • Checks should be made payable to: Welfare and Development Ventures (Weizmann Institute) Ltd.
  • Deferred checks for the entire membership period must be provided to the office on the date of registration.
  • Payment by credit card is subject to the credit card company rules.
  • Credit cards: Diners and American Express cards will not be accepted.
  • Discounts will be provided to those eligible according to the criteria (see discount criteria).
  • Double discounts will not be given, except discounts for cash payment and weekday only memberships.
  • All discounts are calculated based on the full price.
  • Cash payment and weekday only membership discounts are calculated based on price actually paid.
  • Upon registration, you must present an Israel ID card, accompanied by certification of eligibility for any discount.

Termination of Membership

Recreation Center membership may be terminated in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law.

Freezing Membership

  • Requests to freeze membership must be submitted in writing in advance, prior to the period during which member wishes to freeze membership.
  • Requests cannot be made retroactively.
  • Retroactive requests will not be approved!

Freezing Membership for Over Three Months

  1. Recreation Center management will approve requests in exceptional cases only, upon receipt of request in writing and in advance.
  2. Membership can only be frozen once during membership period.
  3. In order to freeze membership, suitable authorizations must be provided, together with a detailed letter and permission from the Managing Director of the Center.
  4. Memberships cannot be frozen retroactively, under any circumstances!
  5. In cases of couple memberships or family memberships - the membership will be frozen for the entire couple or family. Couple or family members cannot freeze membership separately on an individual basis!
  6. Vehicle owners who freeze membership must return their parking sticker to the office.