Fitness center

  • A wide variety of equipment and gym machines
  • Personalized training programs
  • Certified trained staff to support your workout


At the Fitness Center, certified trainers are available to help you create a personalized training program, and make sure you maintain safe and effective training sessions.

At the Fitness Center, you’ll find everything you need to pump up the volume and get in shape.

The Fitness Center is equipped with weights and other equipment, suitable for all users. The Center is easy to use and has a wide variety of aerobic equipment, including spinning bicycles, ellipticals, training machines, and step machines, for a perfect training experience.

  • Elliptical (standing & seated) and track machines that allow control over a wide variety of innovative functions

  • Advanced spinning bicycles to improve your stamina and strengthen your muscles

  • Benches and other fitness devices to strengthen your abdomen

  • A wide variety of weights to develop and strengthen your muscle tone

  • Rowing devices for upper body strengthening

  • A designated room for abdominal workouts and stretches