Summary of Announcements and Procedures

Membership Cards

  • All members must display their ID cards at the entrance to the Center, for insurance purposes.
  • Membership cards are valid for more than one year and they renew automatically upon renewal of membership.
  • In case of loss of membership card – contact the office. A new card must be issued.


  • Members may purchase guest cards by cash, check, or credit card. Guest cards are limited in quantity and are subject to the rules, as published.
  • Any guest, including toddlers one and over, must have a guest card.
  • Guests are only allowed in the pool and lawn areas. They may not enter the fitness center and other facilities or participate in activities held at the Center.
  • Guests may only enter escorted by a member!!!

Thefts / Lost Items

  • Management is not responsible for any thefts, losses or damages incurred to the property of members.
  • Please watch your property.
  • Please avoid bringing valuables to the Center.
  • The premises are photographed 27/7.

Closing of Showers - End of Day

  • Fitness Center - 30 minutes before Center closing.
  • General showers - 15 minutes before Center closing.
  • Saunas - 30 minutes before Center closing.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are not refundable when membership is terminated for any reason whatsoever, whether voluntarily or due to disciplinary actions.


Advertising is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Center. Notices may not be placed on the premises without permission from the General Manager.

Skates, Bikes and Scooters

Skates, bikes and scooters of all kinds are strictly prohibited on the premises of the Center. This includes rollerblades, skateboards, skates, bicycles, scooters and similar equipment.


  • Glass may not be brought into the Center and swimming pools.
  • Nuts of all kinds are prohibited on the premises of the Center.


Pets are strictly prohibited on the premises of the Center.


Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Center.


  • Please adhere to the parking spaces allocated and do not block others.
  • Members are kindly requested to respect the rules regarding disabled parking spaces, so they will be available to those who need them.