Dear subscribers,

We would like to update that despite the limitations we are working around the clock to provide you with the best possible services:

1. Swimming pools - will operate as usual (including Saturdays).

infants' pools

Dear parents,

 We are glad to update the renewed openunp ot  the 

infants' pools

The infants' pools will be open under the coronavirus and the Purple Guidelines:

  1. Make sure you are wearing a mask near the pools.
  2. Entrance to the pools will be permitted to children up to the age of 6.
  3. Please keep a social distance of two meters.

Swimming is allowed for up to a minimum of ten children in each of the infants' pools

2. The gym - Open by regular schedule.

Tisha Be'Av - On the eve of Tisha Be'Av (29.7), the center will close at 19:00. On Tisha Be'Av (30.7), the center will be closed. On Friday (31.7), we will return to normal activity and two tracks in the indoor pool will be used for the swimming lessons.

4. Swimming lessons - Accompanying the swimming courses, you are asked to wait outside the indoor pool complex.

5. Guests - During this period and for the benefit of all subscribers, we will not allow guests to enter.

6. Only kids aged 3 and above who are toilet trained, and who do not wear diapers, will be allowed in the pool.

7. We would like to make sure that you wear a mask, practice social distancing and personal hygiene.

For any questions we are available by email:

Thank you so much for your support, it is the most important to us!

Sincerely yours

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