Center Terms

  1. Entrance to the Recreation Center (hereinafter: The Center) area is subject to swiping a valid membership card in the reader.
  2. Membership cards are personal; cards transferred to others will be voided. However, subject to the sole discretion of the management, memberships can be transferred one time, irrevocably, for a charge of 50 NIS.
  3. Entrance to the Weizmann Institute of Science (hereinafter: The Institute) is solely for the purpose of accessing the Recreation Center. Recreation Center membership does not entitle you to use the other Institute facilities, such as movies, shows, etc.
  4. In the case of loss of membership card, a new membership card will be issued. Members will pay an amount to be determined by management for the new card. Under no circumstances will entry to the Center be allowed without a membership card or guest card, as outlined below.
  5. Members with cars may enter the Institute in their private vehicle on their way to the Recreation Center. For these purposes, they will be provided with a special sticker for their car, to be issued upon registration. Members undertake to park their cars only in the parking lots designated for Recreation Center guests, which are located near the Center (hereinafter: The Designated Areas).
  6. External members will not be allowed to park in areas of the Institute, apart from the Designated Areas. It is strictly forbidden to use parking spaces designated for the Center and/or the Weizmann Institute of Science for purposes other than visiting the Center.
  7. Members must adhere to all stipulations of these terms and policies published by the Center management on the Center website. In addition, members must follow oral instructions given by the Center’s employees and management and security instructions .
  8. Members are obligated to protect the Recreation Center’s property, of all kinds. Furthermore, members are obligated to keep the Center area clean and to refrain from harming the Center’s flora and fauna.
  9. Opening and closing times of the Recreation Center and its various facilities will be as published on the Recreation Center’s site. Center management reserves the right to change opening and closing times, on condition that it updates members of these changes in advance, on the Center’s internet site.
  10. The Recreation Center is open to members seven days a week, except when closed for cleaning purposes. Center management may change these dates, as needed.
  11. The management maintains the right to shut the Center to members, in whole or in part, to hold local, national and international sports events or for maintenance and renovation purposes, provided the Center is not closed for more than ten days per calendar year.
  12. Do not leave clothes and other personal belongings around the facilities. Center management is not responsible for belongings left around the Center.
  13. Children under the age of 12 will not be permitted to enter the Center without an adult.
  14. Members must maintain their decorum when visiting the Center and refrain from preventing others from enjoying the Center or interfering with the management of the Center. Use of rude, insulting, harmful, lewd or noisy language is strictly forbidden. Members/guests are prohibited from harassing other members and/or staff and management.
  15. Parents and/or escorts are responsible for the behavior of their children and/or children accompanied by them, for the duration of the presence of those children at the Center. Should the children cause any disturbance, the parent/escort may be asked to leave or even have membership revoked.
  16. Members will be allowed to purchase guest passes or single-entry tickets to the Center. Sale of guest passes for Saturdays and holidays will be conducted on weekdays. Sales will not take place on Saturdays and holidays. Management reserves the right to prohibit the entrance of guests who are in violation of Center rules.
  17. Guests are obligated to follow the rules of these terms and generally accepted procedures at the Recreation Center and maintain decorum as demonstrated by regular members. Guests must be accompanied by their hosts throughout their stay at the Recreation Center. Hosts will be held responsible for the conduct and behavior of their guests.
  18. Use of the Fitness Center is for registered members only and not for Center guests.
  19. Use of sports facilities is permitted only in full sports attire and gym shoes.
  20. The Center management shall publish, from time to time, instructions regarding the use of the different facilities. Instructions published on the bulletin boards or in pamphlets for members shall constitute an integral part of these terms, with all implications thereof.
  21. Entrance to the Fitness Center is subject to completing a medical questionnaire and health declaration, or providing a relevant medical certificate, in accordance with the Fitness Center rules.
  22. It is strictly prohibited to bring alcoholic beverages and/or glass bottles into the premises of the Recreation Center and/or the Institute.
  23. It is strictly prohibited to bring pets of any kind into the premises of the Recreation Center and/or the Institute.
  24. It is strictly prohibited to feed animals, including cats, and/or to distribute food to animals on the premises of the Recreation Center and/or the Institute.
  25. It is strictly prohibited to play cards, games of luck, or gamble money on the premises of the Recreation Center and/or the Institute.
  26. It is strictly prohibited to bring nuts or seeds of any kind onto the premises of the Recreation Center and/or the Institute.
  27. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Recreation Center.
  28. It is strictly prohibited to play music on the premises of the Center.
  29. The Center management may, subject to its sole discretion, stop the activities of sports teams playing in the various existing frameworks or determine the scope of activities of such teams and decide whether or not to make the Center’s sports facilities available to them.
  30. Use of the facilities of the Fitness Center and gym are permitted only under the supervision of the responsible instructor and subject to the rules as published regarding these facilities, as indicated in section 18 above. Use of other facilities must be conducted with caution and self-awareness, under the member’s responsibility.
  31. Management of the Center and/or the Institute shall not be held responsible for any injury and/or damage caused to a member due to his own negligence or the fault of another member and/or guest of the Center and/or the Institute.
  32. Any individual on the premises of the Recreation Center must act and use the Center and its facilities with the utmost caution to ensure the wellbeing and safety of others. Responsibility for any injury or physical or material harm caused due to the negligence of those individuals present at the center shall be borne by those negligent individuals only.
  33. Membership Termination or Rejection of Membership Request:
    • The Center management reserves the right to terminate the membership of a member or the activities of a guest, subject to its sole discretion, whose conduct towards the staff, other members or guests, is inappropriate; or if his conduct is in violation of the regulations and the policy; or endangers himself and/or others; or causes harm to Center facilities, employees or visitors. If the harm caused is intentional, the member/guest (according to the case) shall be held liable for the full cost of the repair. If membership is terminated, the member will be refunded the unused part of the membership.
    • The Center management reserves the right to prevent the entrance of an individual or to reject an application to be accepted as a member or to renew a membership, based on its sole discretion. 

      Taking into consideration the need for providing preference in registration to members of the Weizmann Institute community; consideration of the available and allowed capacity permitted and/or possible and/or reasonable, while adhering to the concept of maximizing the inherent benefits of the recreation center. If the individual has behaved inappropriately towards the staff, the members or guests; or has violated the rules or procedures of the Recreation Center; or has caused damage to the Center, to any of its employees or visitors; or has endangered himself and/or others by his behavior.

  34. Requests to freeze membership must be submitted in writing in advance, prior to the period during which member wishes to freeze membership. Requests cannot be made retroactively. Retroactive requests will not be approved.
  35. Freezing membership for over three months shall be subject to the following:
    1. Recreation Center management will approve requests in exceptional cases only, upon receipt of request in writing and in advance.
    2. Membership can only be frozen once during membership period.
    3. In order to freeze membership, suitable authorizations must be provided, together with a detailed letter and permission from management.
    4. Memberships cannot be frozen retroactively, under any circumstances!
    5. In cases of couple memberships or family memberships - the membership will be frozen for the entire couple or family. Couple or family members cannot freeze membership separately on an individual basis.
    6. Vehicle owners who freeze membership must return their parking sticker to the office.
  36. The membership may be terminated in writing only. Cancellation will begin one month after delivery of notice in writing (hereinafter: The Notice Period). Note: there is no refund for part of monthly dues; the Notice Period will be calculated from the end of the calendar month in which it was delivered.
  37. In the case of cancelation of membership, the member will be charged with the following sums, according to law:
    • Registration and monthly membership from the date of purchase of membership until cancellation begins.
    • Cancellation fees - the difference between the cost of the monthly membership paid by the member and the cost of the monthly membership (NIS 800 per month), providing this amount does not exceed the following (the lower of the two):
      • If the membership was terminated in the first third: 25% of the membership cost
      • In the second third - 20% of the cost
      • In the last third - 17% of the cost
    • The sum the member would have had to pay if the membership was not cancelled for the remainder of the membership, until its original termination date.
    • Cancelation of membership within 14 days of the transaction – the member will be charged a cancellation fee of NIS 100.
    • Includes benefits that were given while purchusing the membership
  38. The program of activities and/or classes and/or events and/or hours of the Recreation Center shall be as published on the Center notice board and/or internet site, which shall be updated from time to time, and are subject to change, at the Center’s sole discretion.
  39. The Recreation Center reserves the right to close the Center, or part thereof, for renovations and/or employee events, as well as other exceptional events.
  40. The Recreation Center Terms are an integral part of the engagement between the member and the Center.


I hereby declare that I have read the Recreation Center Terms, which constitute an integral part of my participation, and I undertake that my family and I will act in accordance with the Terms.

I hereby declare that I am not aware of any health condition which might prevent any of the individuals listed on this form from participating in any of the physical/sports activities offered at the Recreation Center and for which the aforementioned have registered, and I undertake to inform the Center of any change and/or limitation which may occur in the health condition of the aforementioned individuals.

The aforesaid does not obviate the need to provide a health questionnaire and health declaration when using the Fitness Center.

I agree to receive from Welfare and Development Ventures (Weizmann Institute) Ltd. (hereinafter: The Recreation Center) regular updates, marketing offers, and advertisements for Recreation Center services by fax, email, robocall or text message.

In accordance with the Privacy Protection Law – 1981, I hereby certify that the information provided above was provided voluntarily without being legally required to do so, and will be stored in our data base, which is registered according to law.

database is used for the purposes of collection, direct mail and communication with customers, customer service, management of the customer club, sales, marketing and recruiting new customers. I hereby consent to Center use of my information, as provided above, in accordance with the objectives of the database. The Center will not provide the aforementioned information to others, unless required by law.