Center Terms

Codex for the Recreational Center Operated by Welfare and Development Entrepreneurs (Weizmann Institute) Ltd (“The Center” or “The Recreational Centre”)

The recreational center is a center for sports, entertainment and recreational activities designed, first and foremost, for the usage and welfare of the member community of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

The instructions in the following codex come to ensure proper behavior of the center’s members, while holding a high service standard and maintaining the safety of the center’s visitors.

Center Registration

  1. Center registration is according to the membership types and the prices set, from time to time by the center management. “Summer membership” begins on 1.5 and ends by 31.10 of the same calendar year it was purchased; “winter membership” begins on 1.11 and ends by 30.4 of the following year; “annual membership” begins on 1.5 and ends on 30.4 of the following year.
  2. The center management reserves the right to change the membership types and/or the membership plans and/or their prices according to its sole discretion, with an advanced notice.
  3. Any new member must pay a single registration fee, to be paid during registry, at the sum accustomed at that time. The recreational center management reserves the right to change the registration fee sum from time to time.
  4. During the registration, please provide the center secretariat the relevant documents as required by the center’s registration representatives.
  5. Without decreasing section 1 above, a person who wishes to acquire, for the first time, an annual membership for the center (whether it is single, couple or family membership) will be entitled to a one time benefit of up to three months free, providing all the following terms are met: 1. This is the first purchase of the applicant as mentioned above. It shall be clarified that if the applicant enjoyed a single, couple or family membership before, they shall be considered as someone who already had a center membership and therefore will not be entitled to the said benefit; 2. The free months will only be provided for off-season times. “Season” begins on 1.5 every year.
  6. The center registration reserves the right to prevent the entrance of a person, or to reject an application to be accepted as a member, or to renew membership applications, according to its sole discretion, including in order to prioritize the registration of institute members; considerations of overload and filling the allowed and/or possible and/or probable quota for entry and maximizing the advantages of the recreational center; or if the applicant behaved or behaves inappropriately towards the center’s staff, members or guests; or if they violated the codex or protocols of the recreational center; or damaged the center, its employees or visitors; or endangered himself and/or others with his behavior.

Operating Hours

  1. Opening and closing times of the various facilities of the center will be according to the publications in the center’s media channels (internet website, designated app, etc). The center may change opening and closing times informing these changes to its members in advance.
  2. The center is closed during national memorial days (holocaust Memorial Day, IDF Memorial Day), Yom Kippur and 9 At. Also, the center is closed during days or times designated for its cleaning and maintenance.
  3. The center reserves the privilege to shut down, partially or entirely, to withhold local, national and international sports activities, or to conduct maintenance and renovation activities for the center and its facilities and holding events, and also in cases of irregular events, if these do not exceed ten days during one calendar year.
  4. The center reserves the privilege to hold activities and/or other events, including limited activities and/or events, thus limiting the capacity of use of certain facilities and/or the entrance and access to them, if only it brings these changes to the members’ awareness in advance.

Conduct in Center

  1. The entrance to the Weizmann Institute of Science (“The Institute”) is only to the center, and for this purpose, and is not designed for other purposes. Center membership does not entail a right to use other services provided by the institute such as: movies, shows, etc.
  2. The entrance to the center area will be allowed only by passing a chip or a barcode from the app using a QR reader.
  3. The membership is personal, its transference to another, without prior written consent of the center, will have it immediately cancelled, and will initiate the instructions of the sections titled “membership cancellation and discontinuation” hereinafter. Without decreasing what was said, according to the center’s approval, provided in advance and in writing, it is possible to transfer the membership to another person, once and irrevocably, in the cost of 50 NIS. The membership transference AS IS will be done after the above mentioned approval and in terms defined by the center.
  4. In the case of a lost chip, a new chip will be issued. The member will pay a sum determined by the center membership for a new chip. As mentioned above, entrance to the center area without any chip or barcode from the app will not be allowed.
  5. Members with cars will be able to enter the institute are with their private car, and a special sticker for the car will be issued for that person, during registration. Members oblige to parking their cars in the parking lots designated for center guests, near the center (“designated areas”).
  6. It is strictly forbidden to use the center’s and/or the institute’s parking spaces for purposes other than visiting the center.
  7. The members must follow all codex instructions and procedures issued by the center, through publications in the center’s website, including the pool codex, the tennis codex and the gym codex, published in the center’s website. Also, the member must follow oral instructions provided by the center’s staff and instructions provided by the institute’s security staff. Without decreasing the generality of all me mentioned above, it is emphasized that the entrance of children who are not potty-trained, or under three years old to the pools (with the exception of the kiddie pool) is forbidden. Bathing in the kiddie pool is subject to using special diapers, fit for bathing.
  8. The member obliges to maintain the center and/or the institute property, in all its shapes. The member also obliges to maintain the cleanliness in the center and institute properties and not to harm the vegetation.
  9. Do not leave clothes and other belongings in the center’s facilities. The center is not liable to these belongings left behind.
  10. Children under 12 years of age will not be allowed into the center property without an adult.
  11. Members must behave quietly and politely while stying at the center or around it, in a way which does not affect the enjoyment of others, and does not affect the proper management of the center. Using blunt, insulting, harming, rude and loud language is strictly forbidden. A member/guest must not harass other members and/or staff or administration employees.
  12. Parents and/or escorts are responsible for their children and/or escorted children’s conduct, whenever the children stay in the center/ A breach of the order by the children or the escorts may induce a removal from the center or discontinuance of membership.
  13. Members will be allowed to enter guests, up to five guests in total, for one time and upon payment for this entrance, according to the center’s policy.
  14. The management reserves the privilege to ban guests who broke the center’s code of conduct.
  15. Guests oblige to act according to this codex and the acceptable norms of the center, and to maintain a proper atmosphere as obliged from other members. Guests will be accompanied by their hosts during their entire stay in the center. Hosts are responsible for their guests activities and behavior.
  16. Use of the gym is allowed only for members of the center, not for their guests.
  17. Entrance to the gym is subject on inventing a health statement and presenting an appropriate health certificate if required, all according to interest and the gym law (authorization and supervision) 1994.
  18. Use of the gym is only allowed in full sports attire and wearing sports shoes.
  19. The center’s management will issue instructions about using the various facilities from time to time. The publishing of these instructions on boards or newsletter to members will be a part of this codex, and all that implies from it.
  20. It is strictly forbidden to enter alcoholic beverages and/or glass bottles to the center and/or institute facilities.
  21. It is strictly forbidden to enter animals of any kind to the center and/or institute facilities.
  22. It is strictly forbidden to feed animals, including cats and/or to distribute food for animals around the center and/or institute facilities.
  23. It is strictly forbidden to play cards, luck games or money gambling in the center and or institute facilities.
  24. It is strictly forbidden to enter any kind of mixed roasted nuts in the center and/or institute facilities.
  25. It is strictly forbidden to smoke any kind of cigarettes in the center’s facilities.
  26. It is strictly forbidden to play music in the center’s facilities.
  27. The center management may, subject to its discretion, to hold and/or stop the activity of the sports groups playing in the various areas, and to determine the capacity of their activity, or whether to allow them use of the sports facilities in the center or not.
  28. Use of the gym and workout hall facilities are only allowed only under supervision of the responsible coach, and according to the protocols published in relation to these facilities as mentioned in section 18 above. Using the other facilities will be done with caution, self-monitoring and in the member’s responsibility.
  29. The center and/or institute management will not be liable to any damage and/or harm, caused to the member due to their own negligence or in the fault of any other member and/or guest in the center and/or institute.
  30. All people in the vicinity of the center are obliged to act and use the center and its facilities with extreme caution to guarantee the wellbeing and health of others. The responsibility for any harm or damage to the body, soul and property, induced by the negligence of people in the center, are on the negligent people only!

Membership Pause

  1. A member is entitled to request to pause their membership. A pause request will be submitted in writing and in advance for the approval of the center’s management, prior to the beginning of the pause term, and it will be backed up with appropriate documents. The pause request will not be granted retroactively and a request submitted retroactively will not be approved, unless for irregular cases only, subject to the approval of the center management.
  2. A pause request as mentioned above will be allowed only once during the membership period, and it will be no less than three (3) months.
  3. Membership fees will be collected during the pause.
  4. In the case of a couple or family membership, a complete pause of both members or of the entire family will be conducted. It is impossible to pause membership of only one member of the couple or of the family.
  5. Car owners who pause their membership must return the sticker to the office.
  6. After the approved pause time, the membership will be renewed automatically until the end of the original term and the term for which the membership was paused will be accounted for the member during the same time in the following year, and up to 24 months from the pause date. If the member paused their membership off-season (during winter time), they are entitled to these months during the winter of the year following the pause.

Membership Cancellation and Termination

  1. The center management holds the privilege to terminate a member’s membership or a guest activity, according to its sole discretion, if their behavior is inappropriate for the center staff, members or guests; or if their behavior is against the protocol; or if they endanger themselves and/or others; or if they induce damage to the center, to the employees or to any visitors. If the damage was done on purpose, the member / guest (according to interest) shall be charged with the complete cost of its fixation. If a membership is terminated, the instructions of the cancellation sections will apply, as follows.
  2. Cancelling a membership within14 days from the transaction will be charged with a cancellation fee of 100 NIS or 5% of the bargain, the lower of the two.
  3. From the 15th day and until the end of the membership period, the member will be allowed to cancel their membership with a written notice only, and in this case, the cancellation will be valid within one month of delivery of the written notice (“advanced notice period”).
    Also, the member will not be entitled to any reimbursement for the benefit months - as mentioned in section 4.
    In the case of a couple or family membership, a complete cancellation and termination will be conducted, for all members who purchased their membership. It is impossible to terminate or cancel a membership for only one member of the family or couple.
  4. In the case of cancelling the membership from the 15th day onwards, the member will be obliged, by law, to pay the following sums:
    1. The member will pay the rational part of the exchange (any payment regarding the membership including the registration fee) for the right to use the facilities in the term until the cancellation is valid;
    2. The member will carry the cancellation fee for the number of months from the beginning of their membership until the cancellation is valid, with the difference between the monthly tariff without the obligation period (as specified in the codex given to the meter) and the monthly price during the obligation period (“Cancellation fee”). Cancellation fee shall not exceed:
      • (1) 25% of the bargain if the bargain was cancelled during the first trimester of the membership; or (2) 20% of the bargain if the bargain was cancelled during the second trimester of the membership; or (3) 17% of the bargain if the bargain was cancelled during the third and last trimester of the membership.
      • The sum the member had to pay had they not cancelled the membership, for the entire membership period, from the cancellation date until its termination.
        The costs of the monthly fee, without the obligation period is as specified in the registration codex the applicant had to sign when joining the center.
    3. Cancelling the benefits accompanied with the membership when it was purchased.


  1. The center is entitled to alter and correct the codex, from time to time, and the new codex will be published on the center’s website, any change is valid when it is published.
  2. the codex is an inseparable part of the communication between the member and the center.
  3. The center will be allowed to send the members constant updates, marketing proposals and advertisements regarding center services, using e-mail, apps or a short text message, among other things.
  4. Details provided by the member during three registration or participation in the center activity, will be saved by the center, in order to provide services, among other things, and according to law, they may be saved in the center’s database. For further details regarding the privacy policy and use of this information, you may read the privacy policy in our website: privacy policy.