Pool Terms

A member entering the pool will behave according to the instructions published by the center and the rules of the Ministry of Health.

Meticulously holding the disciplinary rules in the pool is a safety consideration.

These rules do not decrease the general rules.


The main rules are as follows:

  1. Abide the instructions of the lifeguards or their assistants, the attendants and the center employees.
  2. The entrance to the paved and fenced area around the pool and in the water is only allowed in bathing suits.
  3. The entrance with shoes or shorts or other pants is strictly forbidden!!!
  4. The entrance to the pool area will be done only if a lifeguard is present and only in the determined swimming hours.
  5. Bathing in door and out door swimming pool is allowed for children aged 3 years old and up.
  6. You must shower before entering the pool.
  7. Individuals with long hair must wear a cap.
  8. A marked area in the swimming pool (marked with a lane or a sign) as one way swimming is designated for swimming only. In this area it is forbidden to jump or rest on the water edge, so as not to disturb the swimmers.
  9. It is forbidden to insert any food or beverage to the vicinity of the pool or to smoke in the vicinity of the pool.
  10. It is forbidden to insert any kind of glass to the vicinity of the pool!!!
  11. Splashing water, using water guns, floating wheels, boats, fins, floating mattresses or balls is strictly forbidden!!!
  12. The pool holds swimming practices and swimming lessons as well as occasional contest, regarding which the management shall notify the members in advance.
  13. The management may change the hours of activity and use of the swimming pool.
  14. The enter management may shut down the swimming pool for renovation and repairs, and it shall notify the members regarding these actions.