• All classes are held from September to July unless otherwise specified. Classes can be joined at any time.

  • To register, contact the instructor directly.

  • Classes are held between 8:00 – 16:30 and are not intended for Institute employees, but rather for family members, external members, and retired employees.

Adult Classes

Information for Aqua Dynamics
Days: Hours:
Tue, Wed 09:30-10:15
Tue, Thu 20:00-20:45
Thu 09:00-09:45
Contact person: Dim Idit Phone: 054-6574088
Information for Tai Chi
Days: Hours:
Fri 09:00-10:30
Contact person: Yan Stovizky Phone: 054-9631922
Information for Pilates
Days: Hours:
Tue 08:15-09:00
Wed 17:45-18:30
Thu 19:00-19:45
Contact person: Dim Idit Phone: 054-6574088
Information for Medical Exercises
Days: Hours:
Mon, Thu 08:15-09:00
Mon, Thu 09:15-10:00
Sun, Wed 18:00-19:00
Contact person: Lori Sandler Phone: 052-4419947
Information for Dance
Days: Hours:
Wed 19:00-20:15 ballet level 1,2
Sun, Wed 20:20-21:50 ballet fusion
Contact person: Netta Sarig Phone: 050-6408841
Information for Master Swimming
Days: Hours:
Sun, Tue 21:00-21:45
Contact person: Itai Dayagi Phone: 052-3690355
Information for Yoga
Days: Hours:
Fri 10:00-10:45
Tue 07:00-07:45
Contact person: Reut Hertz Phone: 050-5721228

Kid Classes

Information for Triathlon
Days: Hours:
Mon 17:00-18:00 Swimming
Thu 17:45-18:30 Running Weizmann Institute
Fri 14:30-15:30 Riding Ariel Sharon Park
Contact person: Lior Cohen Phone: 054-8885866
Information for Progress
Days: Hours:
Thu 16:00-19:00
Contact person: Shiran Shoval Phone: 054-2330719
Ages 3-6
Information for Soccer
Days: Hours:
Sun 17:30-18:30
Contact person: Nir Tehar-Lev Phone: 052-3111333
Information for Tennis
Days: Hours:
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 16:00-21:00
Contact person: Dan Meltzer Phone: 052-8908356
Information for Swimming
Days: Hours:
Sun, Wed 13:00-19:00
Tue, Thu 15:00-17:00
Contact person: Anatoly Damsky Phone: 050-2838483