Swimming Lesson

Swimming Lessons for Children and Adults in Groups

  • The lessons are given by certified and experienced swimming instructors and will be held from the end of May till the end of August.
  • The lessons are held during the afternoon hours, from 14:00.
  • 10 lessons of 30 minutes each, on Sunday till Thursday, for two weeks.
  • The lessons are designated for ages 5 and up and adults. Members of the recreation center, Institution employees, grandchildren of Institution employees, and guests. Children over 6 years old must pass a test.
  • The lessons are held in groups of 4 children / 3 adults.
  • Lessons for beginners are in breast stroke.
  • Lessons for advanced for improvement of swimming or rowing style - will be provided in separate groups.
  • The lessons for adults will be provided from 18:00 onwards on July and August only.
  • Payment for course: for members only - 750 NIS, for non-member employees - 850 NIS, for guests based on free spots - 990 NIS. Payment on registration.

If you are not a member and you participate in the lessons you may bring one person with you, free of charge, for the class only.

Preference in registration will be given to members!

  • Registration at the office will begin on May3, during regular office hours, apart from Wednesday.
  • The center also holds private swimming lessons, for details and registration contact the office.
  • Termination of participation in the lesson from any reason (including illness) does not entitle the participant in a full or partial refund
  • Lessons are designated for members of the recreation club and guests based on free spots.
  • Lessons will begin at the end of May:

First course 2.6.2019-14.6.2019 (including Friday 14.6.19, instead of 9.6.19)

Second course 16.6.2019-27.6.2019

Third course 30.6.2019-11.7.2019

Fourth course 14.7.2019-25.7.2019

Fifth course 28.7.19-8.8.19

Sixth course from  - 12.8.18-22.8.18 (including Friday 16.8.19, instead of 11.8.19)


Tests will be conducted on Tuesdays between 14:00-15:00

Since the beginning of May, in coordination with the office.