Booking Tennis Courts

Tennis court booking is done online on

On the main menu enter the courts, choose the court, the day and the time, and click it.

Booking the courts will be done as follows:

  • On Sunday between 08:00-12:00 you can book courts for Sunday-Thursday for two hours only, not on the same day, and not consecutively.
  • Additionally, every day, you can book a court for that same day, if the member is not already registered (registration for one hour).
  • On Thursday between 08:00-12:00 you can book courts for Friday-Saturday for one hour on Friday and one hour on Saturday.
  • If the member is not registered, it is possible to register one our on Friday that Friday and one hour on Saturday that Saturday.

A member who booked a court but showed up 15 minutes late - loses the privilege of using the court and the court will be transferred to the first booker until the end of the hour (in this case, those who didn’t play before on that court or on other court will be preferred).

Playing in the tennis courts is done according to the rules of the recreation center.