Terms of registration

  • Payment on registration - at the office
  • If you pay in cash you are entitled to a 3% discount
  • Annual members are entitled to 10 installments. Seasonal members are entitled to 5 installments.
  • Payment method: cash / credit card.
  • Payment by credit cards is subject to the rules of the credit company.
  • Discounts shall be provided according to criteria (criteria are listed on page 5)
  • No double discounts, apart for cash and weekday membership discounts.
  • All discounts are from the full price.
  • Cash and weekday membership discounts are from the actual price.
  • Upon registration, present an ID with its slip and any certificate or approval for your discount.
  • Prices include VAT
  • Registration fee for new members on their first year:

Family - 200 NIS | Couple - 150 NIS | Single - 125 NIS | Parent + 1 - 150 NIS | Parent + 2,3 - 200 NIS

Membership Termination

The membership can be terminated in writing only, in which case the cancellation will be deemed valid one month after the delivery of the message in writing (the notice period). It shall be mentioned that there is not refund for the relative part of the month and that the notice period will be counted from the end of the calendar month in which it was delivered.

In the case of cancelling the membership, the member will be debited with the following sums:

  • Registration and membership fees for the months from purchasing the membership up to the validation of its cancellation.
  • The difference between the cost of the monthly membership paid by the member and the cost of the monthly membership which is 800 NIS per month, if only the cost of this difference does not exceed the following sums (the lower of the two):
  • If the membership was terminated on the first trimester - 25% of the cost.

On the second trimester - 20% of the cost.

On the third trimester - 17% of the cost.

  • The sum the member had to pay if the membership was not cancelled for the remainder of the membership, to its original termination.

Freezing Memberships

A request to freeze the membership will be submitted in writing and in advance, before the beginning of the freezing period,. This request will not be granted retroactively. A retroactive request will not be granted!

  • Freezing a membership for more than three months.
  • The recreational center management shall allow freezing the membership only in exceptional cases subject to a written advance notice! Freezing the membership will be allowed only once during the membership period.
  • Freezing the membership requires proper approvals with a detailed letter and approval of the manager.
  • No retroactive freezing allowed, in any case.
  • In a couple or family membership, the freezing will be complete and include both members. In the case of a family membership, the freezing will be valid for the entire family. It is impossible to freeze the membership of one member of the couple or family.

Members freezing their membership who own a car must return the parking sticker to the office