1. The center management preserves the right to terminate the membership of an individual or a guest, subject to its sole discretion, if his conduct is inappropriate to the staff, the other members or guests; or if his conduct is against the regulations; or if he endangers himself and/or others; or he damaged the facilities of the center, its employees or visitors. If the damage is intentional, the member / guest (according to interest) will be charged with the full cost of the repair. If a membership is terminated the member will be refunded with the unused part of his membership.


  1. The center management preserves the right to prevent the entrance of an individual, or to reject an application to be accepted as member, or to reject a renewal application, based on its sole discretion, if the individual behaved inappropriately towards the staff, the members of the guests; or if he broke the rules or procedures of the recreation center; or if he induced damage to the center, to any of its employees or visitors; or if he endangered himself and/or others by his behavior.
  1. The membership can be terminated in writing only, in which case the cancellation will be deemed valid one month after the delivery of the message in writing (the notice period). It shall be mentioned that there is not refund for the relative part of the month and that the notice period will be counted from the end of the calendar month in which it was delivered.
  2. In the case of cancelling the membership, the member will be debited with the following sums:

On the second trimester - 20% of the cost.

On the third trimester - 17% of the cost.