On 11:00 - Water Ways

An activity in which the children follow the cycle of water with plenty of active models - a see-through toilet, a system of sewage pipes the water go through, a model of water purification, an experiment of collecting rain water.

Preparing bubble liquid from the air conditioner water and a soap bubble happening with recycled tools - for recycling.


On 11:00 - Carousel

A clown circus act combining circular elements like a wheelbarrow, a giraffe, a rolla-balla, walking on tight rope, a giant balloon, playing instruments, volunteers from the audience (squares as well) and more. Seasoned with humor and playfulness, making the young and young at heart laugh.


Night Swims



On 18:30 - a children’s show - Unicorn and Princess Lightbeam

Lightbeam is a charming princess with the two best friends in the world: a unicorn and the wondrous fairytale book, which hide fairytales and secrets in its pages… Like, how to heal problems. When the castle sorcerer with the single horn, finds out that his form is sick and only the secret in the book can tell him the cure, the steals the fairytale book, but he can’t read it without the princess. He imprisons the princess in his castle until she agrees to tell him her secret… or bring him a new and healthy hor… Unicorn’s horn… Will Unicorn save his horn and save his friend, the princess from the sorcerer’s castle?


On 19:00 - Dancing in the Pool Games and Wet Experiences

Nothing is more fun than a hot summer’s day in a pool!

Dancing, wet games, contests and challenges, with fun guidance, great time for the children!

Arts and Crafts for Children in the Night Swims (During July-August)

For children aged 3-10

On Sundays and Wednesdays

Between 18:00-21:00

(First session - Wednesday 4.7.18)


Guided by an arts and crafts teacher

The center provides materials for the activity, free of charge

And the children can take their works home, free of charge!


Children are invited to have fun in the Arts and Crafts corner